Opening Hours

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MON 08:00-18:00

TUES 08:00-18:00

WED 08:00-18:00

THURS 08:00-18:00

FRI 08:00-18:00

Please note, we are closed between 13:00-14:00 each day for lunch.

When We Are Closed

Outwith our stated opening hours, the practice participates in the Out-of-Hours General Medical Emergency Services. This service is for emergencies only and should not be used for routine or longstanding problems. To access the out of hours service, please first telephone NHS 24 on 111. Please do not attend the emergency centre without telephoning first.

Out-of-hours services are generally busy and waiting times in the centres can unfortunately be long. It is important to only attend if you absolutely do not think your problem can wait until we open again.

For life threatening emergencies you should always call 999.

Public Holidays

The following are the public holidays for the year 2020. We anticipate we will be closed on these dates, although with the coronavirus pandemic ongoing we may well be required to stay open. If we will be open for any of these dates, we will communicate this to you in good time.

JULY 20th (Glasgow Fair)

SEPTEMBER 28th (Autumn Monday)

DECEMBER 25th (Christmas Day)

DECEMBER 28th (Bosing Day in lieu)

JANUARY 1st 2021 (New Years Day)

JANUARY 4th 2021 (Near years holiday)